Founding Team Information

1. Please introduce yourself in 150 words
(focus on your achievements, what drives you, your educational and professional and family background. We do not need your full resume, just what matters most)

2. If you already have a founding team, please introduce each member in 150 words.

3. Take a minute to tell us about yourselves as a team. How do you know each other? Where and in what context did you meet? What is keeping you together?

4. As individuals, how soon do you need to earn an income?

5. If you have any professional advisors, please introduce them here. Don’t forget to mention how you got to know them and how involved they are with your firm. Do you have a financial arrangement with them?

6. Have you been engaged with any start-up in past – either as co-founder or as part of the senior team? Tell us about your experience there, what you learnt and how you exited?

Venture Information

7. What are you trying to build? Please write in one sentence. Think this through and make this crisp and compelling.

8. What motivated you to you think of building this business?
(A personal experience, a specific event, what?)

9. Do you already have any intellectual property associated with your idea or your business?
If yes, please elaborate. If you have applied for any rights protection, please attach your application document below.

10. Who will use your product or service? Why do you think so? What do you really know about them?

11. Who will pay for it?
Why do you think so?

12. How will you get customers for your product or service?

13. What is the status of your product or service? What milestones do you foresee over the next three months?

14. Please give us a sense of your current customer and revenue status, if applicable.

15. Do you have any online demo that you would like us see? Please give us a link here, including user ID and password as may be required.

16. Who are your competitors? What differentiates you from them?

17. How many jobs will your business generate in the next three years?

18. What impact on society, if any, will your venture have?

Financial Information

19. How will you make yours a profitable business?

20. Please give your revenue history and projection details here.

Year Till Date(Last 3 Months)
(in INR)
(in INR)
(in INR)
(in INR)
Jan Feb Mar

21. What is the basis of your revenue projections?

22. What are the critical factors impacting your revenue?

23. Have you raised any funding in the past? If yes, please give us details here.

24. If you have already incorporated your entity, please give details of its nature and ownership structure.

Personal Information

25. Which city are your team and you based in?

26. Do you have any other commitment during the Acceleration Program for which you are applying?

27. Do you have any ready video clip about your venture? Please give us your youtube link below.

28. Please give your contact details here.

Date of birth